From the begining of her career Colette has assumed different guises, often changing her persona with her locale. In 1978, the artist staged her own death in an installation performance at the Downtown Whitney, entitled "The Last Stitch" and resurrected as Justine, who posed as an entrepreneur and marketed Colette's vision and image. In 1984 Colette was invited to the city of Berlin, she took on the persona of Mata Hari and the Stolen Potatoes and during her Bavarian Adventure (1986-91) the Countess Reichenbach emerged. When she returned to New York in the early 90's she reigned in the House of Olympia, which was transformed post 9-11 into Maison Lumiere.
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cenviro justinewed_01matahariweb
Colette (70s)
In Her Living Environment,
Transformation 72-78
Justine (1978-1982)
Beautiful Dreamer Series: Conceptual Mother
Mata Hari (1984-1985)
Mata Hari and the Stolen Potatoes, Berlin
countessweb houseofoopen
Countess Reichenbach
(1986-1991) Bavarian Adventure Series, Munich

The House of Olympia (1992-2001)
Appropriating the 18th century

Lumiere (2001-2007)
Head of C.I.A. (Colette Institute of Art)