Colette at Destination


" At the core of colette's work is a nomadic principle an openness to any media, material, or cultural network as a means of circulating images or enduring concern to speak to many audiences, large and small, elite culture and mass culture...

Colette's art, like Warhol is bound up with the idea of uninterrupted performance, so that her physical presence itself becomes a kind of signature, a trademark. Both of them have experimented with various ways of integrating art making and commercial production, playing with the ironies of that intersection and with the reduction of the artist to commodity status... Colette undertook the step of establishing a business corporation for the distribution of her Beautiful Dreamer  Products in 1978...”
Johnthan Crary - Arts magazine, 1983


THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE: the installation unveils Colette's new "Metaphysical Portraits", mostly of friends and colleagues and some celebrities (-none labelled-); Performance Paintings inspired by the street tableaux performed during the demolition week of her atelier; (an ever-changing historical art space- 70's till2007 )and a short Video: "that's all she wrote” thus putting closure on a personal tragedy. Maison Lumiere is the latest manifestation of her ever transforming studio -emerged after 9/11 ). Although no longer existing, It  continues to exist and deal with issues that surfaced after all the recent global catastrophes due to terrorism and global warming:  impermanence, displacement ,unpredictability and as usual in a time of crisis;  the necessity to reevaluate what is essential in life; including relationships- therefore portraits of friends and individuals who have  been inspiring. The new paintings and are executed in affordable and traditional materials- (acrylic on canvas materials )and so are the “home made “dvd's”; a contrast to mtv-and large budget art works - the current vogue- (many inspired by artists  of an earlier time).
The new body of work  also address the current housing problem; specifically to the artists, who have lost their studio space to developers and have been forced into relocation and migration as a way of life.

"The Letter" like most of Colette's work can be interpreted in many ways, and contains many of her signature items and trademark such as the use of WINDOW space ( a familiar presentation for her work since the seventies). Another signature item featured in the window is a Colette Mannequin Sculpture Dressed in Rushed Fabric (one of her mannequins was on display at the Guggenheim’s fashion art show - 1997). The Colette replica began to replace Colette’s presence since 1992(conceptualized as part of reverse pop series-78-82) and brings to question new themes such as cloning..time .Other signature emblems or symbols used are: the ”suitcase” which begun to  surface  since the seventies suggests  that nothing stands still and life is in continuous  movement . In this show suitcases are on wheels ,they  emphasize  a state of impermanence,  and a need for adaptability, readiness to move on , along with a  curiosity for the  “the unknown” ( what is the content  of the suitcase ? the message in the phone call or this case the  letter?)

Communication .. Miscommunication.. sending, receiving  or messages  that never reached their destination  have been  favorite themes . Red “Return to Sender” envelopes  are part of  the window and the interior installation
Other similar  emblems of previous  works are  “the telephone” in “Dial C for Scandal “series 80's also in “Hold on I'm on my Way” ( 97) – the keys of the  House of  Olympia (90's).  
Play of words with  double meaning are also often used in titles of works.ex: C.I.A ( for the  Colette Institute of Art)-.
SOUVENIRS FROM MAISON LUMIERE-affordable art in keeping with colette's  philosophy of  reaching out multi audiences high and low- ..etc..are
affordable collectables from Maison Lumiere and previous ones from her history:ex;
Posters and postcards form her visual art band I: “Justine and the Victorian Punks” and the "Beautiful Dreamer Lp” ( the record played everywhere and featured in various press headlines- in spite of the fact that  only one thousand copies were printed - part of the Colette is dead series.  In 1978 Colette died ( Downtown Whitney Museum ) and resurrected as an entrepreneur “JUSTINE”who marketed Colette’s vision and  unique personal look….. …
"The Gold Potatoes" from “Mata Hari and the stolen potatoes” Berlin persona- 84-85....
and  other unique artifacts from the bavarian souvenirs from House of Olympia-90's.
 House of Olympia (90's)  colette lamp- .etc. Maison Lumiere 2001-2010 – Lumiere plates - glass hearts.... and selected records from the story of her life  70's till now-…….