'Girl Talk' at Pavel Zoubok Gallery


Installation view with Colette Mannequin Sculpture, Colette Lamp and Paintings



I records from the story of my life-78 - 2007

    backgound: Colette began recording her life in folded card format –( 72-78) excessively since early seventies-  street paintings, her living environment ( an ongoing work of art ) sleeping performances/installations ...(a few of these cards can be seen upon request –ex; getting arrested for painting streets of So-Ho 71- and “Ancorra Tu ” - living in a space for six days in a environment recalling home- in Cologne Art Fair Germany 1977)

    Colette begun using the lp format in 1978. These works record and encapsulate Colette's life and art; her performances, installations, personas, etc... Her first visual art band Justine and the Victorian Punks (which at first appeared but did not play) inspired using actual record albums to create the works.

    II Colette lamp - an actual lamp form the original legendary living environment ( an evolving work of art- with her presence as part of it- 70-1983):a sculpture within a sculpture

    III- mixed media paintings and sculptures from maison lumiere the most current and still existing persona- post 9/11the Colette Mannequin Sculpture are featured in these paintings .

The Colette mannequin begun to replace her presence in many of her installations during her previous incarnation THE HOUSE OF OLYMPIA.

light figures- sculptures from Maison Lumiere ( Colette legendary atelier which she continue to transform until its tragic destruction in Nov 2007


IV. “Selected records from the story of my life” in chronological order- beginning with the living environment including works created using her various personas : Colette (real name)

Justine of the Colette is Dead co- (_78-82) Mata Hari( berlin 84-86) Countess Reichenbach ( Bavaria 86-92) The House of Olympia-(92-2000) & Maison Lumiere (2001-2010)

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Girl Talk at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

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