Basic Instinct




 BASIC INSTINCT, curated by Sasha Okshteyn, Black and White Space Project, Williamsburg
Installation with selected staged photographs, 70s - 81. (available in larger scale 4 " x 6") and wall fragments with photo as "living doll" in the "living environment" ' 78. 

"Colette ,a pioneering artist and persona of downtown New York will have several seimnal works on view, together offering a selective survey of her contribution to two significant areas of contemporary art; the creation of the total environment and the use of the artist's own body as an instrument of expression"

Sasha Okshteyn

BASIC INSTINCT Catalogue Excerpt



Dec 17 - Jan 23 2011 - NYC.  February 4 - March 16th 2011 - Flaunders Gallery Raleigh, NC.

north_carolina_  flanders_gal
Installation view - at Flaunders gallery - North Carolin Detail - "Ripping myself off" - window - 1978
flaunders_gal flaunders_gal_01 
 Detail of "les actions de Justine " Banco gallery Bresci Detail of "Let them eat cake" Paris Biennale - 77