Street window works / art
Sleeping in the windows of Fiorucci during her exhibition - 78
 Beginning in 1972 Colette's environments began to change when she created her first window installation, a tribute to the great French Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix. The particular choice of painting, Liberty Leading the People (1848), with Colette featured as Liberte, has obvious feminist implications. The choice of a window is particularly relevant since it combines Colette's interests in street works and in creating interiors. Often the artist's public performances have involved her sleeping amidst her installations as a means of representing the actual state of dreaming within the context of a public situation, a metaphor for the triumph of the imagination over mundane realities. Likewise, the window affords the public a view into a private space.
Ned Rifkin
The New Museum Catalogue 1981
for Persona Exhibition
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