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Real Dream, Clocktower, Installation Performance NYC 1975-76, photo edition 30 x 72"(collection of the Museum Ludwig, Cologne 1990 also smaller size edition)

..."Inside a room of her making, even the sence of hearing is affected; all sounds are gentled, and the total effect is one of extrodinary peace and calm...; More than that, in her works she creates images which cause the person experiencing them to think about the biological self, not as an end in itself, but as an integral part of a larger universe. Rather than turning her considerable energies on to self mutilation, self-mutilation, self-deformation, self-exploitation, or any of the other frequently met auto-actions, Colette is exploring the self as a given creature. possessed of both beauty and terror, at once whole and subject to fragmentation and reconstitution, vulnerable as the tenderest actual flesh, fragile as silk and yet strong with the strength of constructive purpose. For her, this self is never isolated, but is always a part of a greater mystery. In her work, she is seeking expression for some of the most serious themes of art".

Sarah Faunce
Brooklyn Museum 1976

In Colette's representations of lying females, more than acceptance and passivity, one finds trust and romantic abandon, Sleeping Beauty waiting to be awaken. In death we discover that beauty overcomes death, as in The Wake Of Madame Recamier (1974). The reclining Colette is a state of reverie. She is "The Beautiful Dreamer" (works from 1978-82). Dreams as another dimension of reality, revelations of the unknown, soothing peace, realization of impossible desires. Or the healing "Yoga Of Dreaming" and the all-encompassing universality of the Dreamtime of Australian Aborigines".

The Essence of Olympia, Night Magazine, April 1997
Gianfranco Mantenga
Photo album
Colette : Rooms - Constructed photographs

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