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"Hold on, i am on my way" - music projected unto streets for the performance in windows of Oboro gallery -- Montreal,Canada 98 (music by J. Engel, lyrics - Colette)


Beautiful Dreamer LP (the limited edition, a few copies available, signed). Music arrangement Peter Gordon, voices - Justine. 1979

  • Signed item is available for purchase: $1200.00
  • CD is available upon request with the audios: $20.00, signed: $100.00

"Colette is a revered figure in New York avant-garde lore, if little-known outside of it.

Born in Tunisia and raised in France, she has worked variously as a musician, film-maker, photographer, painter and performance artist over the past forty-odd years, but her most radical and notorious practice has been that of turning her own life into art, following a strange fictional narrative of her own making and assuming a number of different identities and personas. This process began in 1978 when Colette declared herself dead, held her funeral at the Mudd Club, and then resurrected herself as Justine." Read more at FactMag.COM »

"Also on the album is Peter's disco version of Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer," with a vocal by Colette, the performance artist whom we can now see as a precursor to the goth loli movement -- you could also perhaps make a case for her as precursor to Lady Gaga -- originally released under the artist name Justine and the Victorian Punks".

Excerpt from review by Ned Sublette in "Nedlist" news mailing list  

"Colette invented the "victorian punk." She often sported an ethereal, feminine look, dripping with lace, tulle, and beads. "'Victorian punks' was the perfect combination," she says. "I actually wore Victorian corsets and bloomers and then I would add a punk element to it. Usually if you saw a punk in those days, they would be wearing black; I would mix it with something very soft." In retrospect, it's easy to see echoes of Colette's signature aesthetic in the goth movement that picked up steam in the '80s, and in Madonna's early look during the time of 'Like a Virgin'".

GEETA DAYAL NPR Magazine, October 21 - 2010
The Beautiful Dreamer LP  (re-released Nov - 2010 by DFA) 

"But the highlight of this compilation is Justine & The Victorian Punks’ “Still You” and “Beautiful Dreamer,” which glide across the floor with gait that’s equal parts seductive and regal, welcoming and sang-froid. A lot of that’s to do with the intimate, cochlea-tickling Sprechstimme of artist Colette, for whose live-in installation the tracks were commissioned. The crisp winding-up of a music-box that opens “Beautiful Dreamer” is both inspired and hilarious, as though not just the tinkling of said music-box, but also the toy-like electronics and Colette’s distracted delivery, are all an extension of the same fabulist machine."

Excerpt from  Dusted review on Peter Gordon LOLO - compilation - label DFA - Jan14 2011

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The following songs are available in small edition or as single cd - with unique image for cover
"Hold on i am on my way" - 97 with music J. Engel - lyrics Colette (unique covers)

others available upon request: $15.00 each, $125.00 signed with original cover (excerpt to be available soon)
  • "got to go"-98
  • "colette goes country"-99
  • "theme song for maison lumiere-"2001" used in "the new me" reconstruction of maison lumiere 3rd - montreal biennale-22

other limited edtion cd's with unique image - used in peformances or as audios for installations:
  • "did you eat -?" mata hari and the stolen potatoes( visual art band #4)with maximilian lenz- berlin 85
  • "ripping myself off" with albert crabtree and the beautiful dreamers-78-1978
  • " I AM A WORK OF ART.. WITH the Beautiful dreamers
  • " ready to begin deadly feminine" - WITH the COLETTE IS DEAD CO-- visual art band, with Otto Von Riggins - 1980
  • "olympia goes techno"- for the ruins and rise of house of olympia-( lok gallery nyc 93) with jay stiller-
  • "last call for romance-"art on stage visual art band # 4 art on stage- danceteriA -with roland parkins-83
  • "magic symbol secret code"( art on stage- band #4 ) with roland parkins-1983
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