Justine at Fiorucci


"the deadly feminine line" a work of art in the windows of Fiorucci 1979 ( part of the Justine - reverse pop series)


Justine at Fiorucci "trail blazer to the trendy"

"In  the mid 70s at a very young age COLETTE THE ARTIST had  received international recognition for her  performances - downtown street works, window installations, environments  as well as her "personal style". By 1978 her unique and powerful vision had spread to the commercial world of fashion, design, and music .This inspired her to stage her death (DOWNTOWN WHITNEY MUSEUM - as  part of an ongoing art performance). She resurrected  as JUSTINE OF THE COLETTE IS DEAD CO. (PS1 -MOMA) and  posed as a "ROCK  STAR", fashion and interior  designer, conceptualizer of products and the head of Colette's  Estate.

One of her most well known window installations was at held at FIORUCCI, the trendy uptown boutique (59th st) in 1978. She  was invited to present one of her multi media spectacles performances inside the store and slept in the WINDOW INSTALLATION for the duration of the show.

Her unique style inspired by her art continued to influence the  public and her fans. Live models began to pose in the windows of the store, and her look became an inspiration for many  designers and young women including Madonna. The  following year 1979 Fiorucci invited her to design a line of clothes "the deadly feminine line". A multi media fashion show performance was  held at the MUDD CLUB downtown..."

Gianfranco Mantegna - 1991 for Artscribe 

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Justine at Fiorucci

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