Silk to Marble Series



From Silk to Marble one of 36 images - 3 ft x 6ft Painted photos from Silk to Marble - 20 " x 30"


"With an empty canvas- a white sheet - various recognizable forms recorded in the history of art and fashion are recreated. The sheet is transformed continuously from garment, to sculpture, from specific refrences to more abstract and infinite variations inspired by its original source. Thus the familiar images created throughout centuries and culture with cloth, such as egyptian, Greek, Romans styles as French Revolution, the Victorian Era, up to our present time, help tableaux, the important role of drapery in religion, rituals, and ceremonial acts is also taken in consideration, as well as the simple act of dressing up, reminiscent of child playing with a sheet, fantasizing endless roles and situations. "

From Silk to Marble - about the series, exhibition at Kunstlerhaus Bathanien 1984
Silk to Marble. Installation detail. Kunstler Haus , Bethianien. Berlin. 1984.

Silk to Marble series (acrylic and photo on board.  app 3'- by 6' ) - 1984-86