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cover_ox_150   iconstashen_2007_150  faye_ran_book_cover__nov_2009_150
Cover - No place Like Home by Amy Arbus Cover - Unmuzzled Ox. By W.H. Auden. 2001
New York Style - Icons-Tashen - 2004  Faye Ran book cover - Nov 2009
 RoseLee Goldberg. Performance - Live Art Since 1960.1998   
 art_business_diary._1995_150  the_history_of_fotography_by_taschen._1995._150  art_robe__women_artists_at_the_nexus_of_art_and_fashion._1994_150  
 Art Business Diary. 1995 The History of Fotography, by Taschen. 1995
 Art Robe - Women Artists at the nexus of art and fashion. 1994
 Collete - Fifth Element - Kritisches Lexicon
 personas__new_museum._essay_by_ned_rifkin._1981_150 the_art_of_performance__a_critical_anthology_1983_150  
Personas - New Museum. Essay by Ned Rifkin. 1981
 The art of Performance - A Critical Anthology 1983 Ludwig Museum Koln book catalogue  photo collection - 1986
 Selfportraits. kunstverein. 1987
 selltzart_in_our_times1981_150  colette_10_years_of_work._politi_1981._essay_by_jeffrey_deitch_150_01  other_realities._houston._texas._1981_150
 Peter von brandenburg 1981  Colette 10 years of Work. Politi 1981. Essay by Jeffrey Deitch  Other realities. Houston. Texas. 1981
 counter_poses_1980_150roselee_goldberg__performance._live_art_1909_to_the_present._1979_150 cologne_art_fair_catalogue.1977_150  
 Counter Poses 1980 RoseLee Goldberg - Performance. Live Art 1909 to the Present. 1979 Cologne Art Fair Catalogue.1977 
 punk_book_150  fabric_mainstream_150 soft_art_150   
 Punk 365 by Holly George-Warren  The Art Fabric: Mainstream SoftArt cover -
  Isabel Schulz. Kunstlerinnen. 1980s Portraits of New York Women. 1980s  Staple IT! by Iris Ihde Frey 1979 Artists. Portraits From Four Decades by Arnold Newman. 1970x



Colette - 10 years of work politi- roceed - 81
Colette - from silk to marble- kunstler haus bethanien - 84
Colette - new paintings and work--kammerer&unverzagt- 85
Colette - art on stage - nordorn museum germany- 85
Colette - the bavarian adventure--dumont-  88
Colette - colette love in ruins/ the artist and her muse - rempire   gallery- 92
Colette - the essence of olympia-institut- berlin- 97
Colette - the new me- maison de la   lumiere -carol johnssen- 2002
Colette - kunstler kritisches lexicon   der gegenwartskunst- weltkunst verlages-2004