Selected Films, Videos & Documentaries
Multimedia event at Limelight 98. NYC
70's till now
Anton Perish, Cable interviews of exhibitions and performances...
 1973"The ear " - street work 1973, SoHo, New York- interviewed by Al Hansen with Arnold Newman and  Geanie Holabird
 1974 "There is no place like Home" - For Art Tapes with Dakota Jackson. Florence, Italy. L'incident a la place unnunziata - Florence, Italy
  1976James Nares - David's wrath
1979 "Justine and the Boys" Starring Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Alan Jones, Taro Suzuki, Jim Sutcliffe (Colette impersonator), Kevin Teare, Lisa Amande, Judy Ross, Douglas Turnbaugh, Steve Corns, John Giordano, Joe Lewis. Filmed by Robert Polidori
"Fuck Art - Let's Dance". Homemade video with Rudolf. Danceteria. Filmed by Elizabeth Cannon
1981Justine and the Shades at Danceteria. Filmed by Wolfgang Staehle.
79 -82
Michael Auder. Documentation of Colette's home office, living environment and window performances
1983"Art on Stage". Danceteria. Filmed by Wolfgang Staehle and Ingo Gunter
1984 Vido Wansee Berlin, Michael Morris & Vincent Trasov
 1984Mata Hari & Stolen Potatoes With John Kelly - Berlin 1984 (Excerpt Form "Video Wannsee"- By Michael Morris   1984, 17'29''. Collection: Nimk (Netherlands Media Art Institute))
 1984"DID YOU EAT" (visual art performance)
Colette the artist ( now Maison Lumiere)  aka "Mata Hari & The Stolen Potatoes" . Music: Maximilian Lenz. Vocals: Mata Hari aka Colette. Berlin. 1985
1993 Paul Tschinkel, "Colette the Artist" Documentary
1993"Non Je Ne Regrette Rien" ("Tearing Down the Walls of my Living Environment") with Dana Simmons.
1995 Charlie Ahearn, " In Preparation of the Salon". In the House of Olympia.
1997"Hold on, I am on my way". Colette and J Engel . Berlin.
2001 Enzio Capio. "Portrait of the Artist in her studio".
2006"Lumiere's Downtown Breakdown". Filmed by Walter Falco
2007"After hours" with Caroline and Lexi. Munich.
 2009 The Last Days of Pearl st - 16 minute DVD film on demolition of the legendary living environment
 2009 "...that's all she wrote..." - DVD video. Studio in Dumbo, NYC 2009.
70s - till now Colette Documentation, Videos, Interviews of my Life and Works
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