Images: 1. Living environment - 70's. 2. Street work - 74. 3. Ophelia - 76. 4 Light boxes II. 5. Marat - ps1 - 76. 6. Real Dream - 75.
Colette (70s)
"Colette is a young artist who has already made a serious contribution to two significant areas of contemporary art: The creation of a total environment and the use of the artist own body as an instument of expression. In her work, these two areas, while they may be analysed separately, are in fact integrated... an achievement worth noting in itself".

Brooklyn Museum 1976
Sarah Faunce

"At once both tabernacles and provocations for participation, Colette's delicate environments invite both distance and access. As she permits us to enter her autobiographical, sanctuaries of illusion, we become participants in her srtful distillations and share Colette's aesthetic-life experiences".

Arts Magazine 1978
Peter Selz