Images: 1. Living environment - 81. 2. Headless Woman - 82. 3. Colette Doll - 78. 4. Labels for Beautiful Dreamer. 5. Justine goes to Graz. 6. Kitsch colettesized. 7. Fiorucci Window. 8 Living environment 1. 9. Major works from the estate. 10. Large size light box. 11. Justine as Beautiful Dreamer Doll.
justine and the victorian punks (78-82)

"The "Colette is Dead" series, an ongoing conceptual work and parody of a solution to the dilemma of a contemporary innovative artist, began in January, 1978, and has included several window works. I have become a "Reverse Pop" artist - instead of placing familiar commercial images and techniques into an art context as my "Pop Art" predecessors have done, I , Justine, president of Colette is Dead, Co., have placed products inspired by my personal image into a commercial arena.

For me, art is magic and the making of art alchemy. Therefore, the media I use is not as important as the fact that I turn into art."

Colette, 1978