Images: 1. Beautiful Dreamer II. 83-84. / In collection museum Ludwig 2. Mata Hari & The Stolen Potatoes - visual art band. 3. Mata Hari billboard : 8 x 8 ft m mixed media - 84. 4.There is a New Girl in town. 5. Silk to marble series. 6. Video installation - Venice Biennale. 7. Beautiful deamer series III. 8. Mata Hari and the Stolen Potatoes. 9. Mixed media painting. 10. Painted photo.
Mata Hari
"Indeed, Berlin became the stage upon which Colette Launched, in 1984, a new series under the guise of "Mata Hari", a project that included a Visual Band, billboards around the city (harkening back to earlier streetworks), and other exhibitions...

Alan Jones
excerpts from Arts Magazine, April 91