Images: 1. Portrait of the Countess. 2. Love in the closet. 3. Leotard colettesized. 4. Leotard colettesized II. 5. Don't look back (photo work). 6 Ludwig Castle painting. 6b. Ludwig castle . 7 "Bride and Groom" light figures - 86-88. 8. Count and Countess Reichenbach. 
Countess Reichenbach (86-91) Munich
"In 1986, Colette made Munich - capital city of baroque fantasy-her headquarters in Europe and mounted a still ongoing project called The Bavarian Adventure, which captivated a large public drawn into such charades a Dial C for Scandal. The Baroque sensibility that permeates all of Colette's work was readily understood by her European audiences".

Alan Jones
excert from Arts Magazine, April 91