Images: 1.Detail of "Maison Lumiere" bedroom-07. 2. Lumiere Painting - 2002. 3. The Bedroom - Tokio - 2004. 4."Beware of Woman in Pink" - Lumiere painting. 6. Lumiere painting. 7. Support the C.I.A. 8. Lumiere dress. 9. Lumiere painting "Blue Geisha". 10. "Erasing my history" Lumiere painting. 11. Lumiere plates 2004. 12. Lumiere painting "Before and after the Smoke" 2002.
Maison Lumiere

Colette continues to use the Colette Mannequin Sculpture in her paintings and installations..and occasionally appears more as a living presence in her artworks and shows.

Lightness of Being

"That's where Lumiere comes in. Right now in my mind I'm thinking she's lighter because of all the weight of the world. We need to be light and try to grab the light. I have a very baroque vision and so usually I do everything very extreme, Like a 'too much is never enough kind of philosophy. In contrast, Lumiere is more into editing and cleaning up.

"Where Olympia was very obsessive with retrieving Colette's history - you see, I can comment on my own work through another persona - Lumiere said, lumiere said 'okay, that's enough now you've done it and whoever got it got it , and who didn't just didn't , it does not matter. ... now start a new like Edith Piaf song 'Je Ne Regrette rien'. 'Balayer les amours,' whatever. So it's like, clean everything up. The idea of erasing my history emerged.
"When September 11 happened, what I realized was that I was not only erasing my history - because my studio is near the World Trade Center - I was picking up that New York's history was being erased, you know? But there was no way of knowing that. I have   been using the Colette Mannequin instead of myself ,and it was  was in the loft when this happened to me (9-11).  There was dust all over the mannequin and the windows were black and looked  just like the images i had previously painted; i  just was not able to translate it as that , because  who could have imagined this would happen?

So then Lumiere all of a sudden appeared - it just happened like birth , very naturally. It was a dark momment, and i felt the only way to go was to turn it around.  And so Lumiere was totally appropriate.  She is all about   figuring things out and  paying attention to what is important , what is essential ... I'm cleaning  up!"
excerpt from cover story interview for Hour magazine, 2002
Isa Tousignant