Colette: living environment

Colette as Living Doll In her living environment 72 - 78 photo ed

"Whereas most installations have a very short span, Colette has worked for ten years on her living environment "Transformation". Using silks and satins, mirrors, concealed lighting, and cascading ropes. Colette has converted a nondescript space in New York's Wall st. area into her own mystery theater in which she appears as a " Living Doll."

Art in our Times, Published by Harry Abrams 1981
Peter Selz

"Colette is perhaps the only person who has reached the objective sought by the artists who look for the integration of life and art. She defines both identically as her own living space."

Kunsthaus, Zurich 1979
Erica Billeter

"I have been told that Colette's environment - and it took ten years for it to grow to what it is now - is in danger of disappearing due to the total lack of support from museums and institutions. This would be a real tragedy. It would deprive New York of one of its last poetical spots. I cannot believe that New Yorkers would allow this to happen. I refuse to think that they could be blind to art and deaf to the harmony of love. For love has nested in Colette's apartment.

Politi Monogram 1981
Arturo Schwartz

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